Medifan has many years experience in the rescue services and specialises in practice-oriented emergency medical training.
Medifan`s tailor-made training programmes are aimed at medical professionals, members of rescue services or airline cabin crews.

  Emergency medicine is one of the most sought after areas of training in medicine. Many pharmaceutical companies support this requirement with a course offer which is carried out by Medifan and is enhanced by many practical training elements.
International Consulting
  As an internationally active consultant, Medifan advises universities, hospitals, rescue services, air rescue services, health authorities, industrial companies and airlines in the whole field of emergency medicine.
  Emergencies also occur in the air. Therefore, the cabin crews are schooled in first aid, however, the demands are rising constantly.
Early Defibrillation
  Ventricle fibrillation is something that can happen to everyone. So early defibrillation is important because when an emergency doctor arrives, it is often too late.
Training and Further Training
  Basic courses, foundation courses or ACEC: Medifan`s training plan offers an extensive range.
Medifan Multimedia
  CBT Programmes, company presentation, Internet and CD-ROM: Medifan Multimedia develops and designs modern information systems.
Company Model
  To work with a model means following a predetermined path together...
  Team Resource Management (TRM). Originally developed by NASA for ist Space Shuttle Teams, this training was adapted by Medifan in cooperation with Swissair for conditions in hospitals and rescue services.
Style of Training and Qualitiy Management
  Medifan`s training style is characterised by the most modern teaching methods, small groups and quality management which conforms to ISO-9000.
  The Medifan-Club adresses its extensive offer to doctors, rescue services, hospitals and to all those with an interest in the field of emergency medicine.
  Point of contact: letter, telephone, fax and e-mail

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