To work with a model mans to follow a predetermined path together. We see the training model as an aid to orientation, with which we purposefully shape our daily work together. This model is at the same time our goal setting which conforms to our quality management system, based on DIN / EN / ISO /9001.

Our Human Model

  • we regard each human being as an individual
  • we take into account the fact that each human being is formed by his experiences and cultural background
  • we believe that each human being is continually learning and developing
  • our view is that each human being can work independently within the framework of his own capabilities

Our Training

  • we guarantee professional training which takes into account the special nature of the subject
  • we carry out our training according to rules and criteria which we have imposed on our own quality management
  • in our opinion learning means taking what already exists and developing it further. we take each participant at his level of learning and lead him carefully throug the practical training
  • for us learning means a hands-on approach in which skills are practised, achievements are recognised in real situations and complex decisions are taken based on sound knowledge and ability

Our Training Team

  • we pass on our knowledge and skills on the basis of our own emergency medical experiences
  • in the selection of our trainers, we place value in human, social and technical competence
  • we do not lecture. we don`t just want to train our clients, but motivate them
  • for us inter-human communication is a vital aid to successful learning
  • we train our clients according to the motto "learning by doing"

Our Leadership

  • we lead colleagues past operational obstacles towards agreed goals
  • we deliberately use and promote the technical and personal skills of colleagues
  • we create preconditions under which colleagues can act independently
  • we deliberately share the decision-making process with colleagues
  • we recognise the capabilities of each individual and support innovative ideas
  • our working style is based on team work

Our Cooperation

  • accepted teaching strategies form the basis of our training
  • we are working together with universities and other institutions towards the improvement of teaching methods and curriculum
  • we have a regular exchange of experiences with leading organizations
  • we are constantly developing new approaches to improve our teaching methods
  • we solve complex problems with think-tanks and project groups

Our Further Training and Education

  • we induct new colleagues thoroughly and systematically
  • we ensure purposeful further training and education. We place great value on a balance between human and technical qualities
  • we monitor our trainers` work. This monitoring is carried out as feedback and support and enhances the personal professional development of the trainers

Our Concept of Quality

  • we want to not only train, but motivate and inspire for the future
  • we establish the needs of our clients in order to better meet their needs
  • we are continually developingour training methods, working with our partners to research new models
  • we want to be the best



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