Emergencies also occur in the air. Therefore cabin crews are schooled in first aid. However, demands are constantly increasing: the FAA requires semi-automatic defibrillators on board. Use of these requires the staff to be specially trained. The average age of passengers is increasing, so emergency medical treatment on board is becoming more important and is increasingly in the public eye.
Insufficient medical first aid can result in enormous compensation claims. Not to mention the loss of confidence of passengers.








Medifan is a professional and experienced partner for airline companies in the field of emergency medical training.


We offer

  • tailor-made, practice-oriented training concepts
  • implementation of training or medical and didactic consulting for airlines with their own training programmes
  • certification and follow-up training for airlines without their own medical service
  • upon request: all-in-one equipment and training
  • improvement of medical intervention through a defined, standardised training of cabin crews and pilots in the form of an up-to-date, practical emergency training
  • improvement of on-board means by fitting airplanes with practicable emergency equipment, which meets the requirements of the respective authorities








  • emergency medical training for cabin crews
  • computer-based training for first-aiders
  • training module first aiders
  • computer-based training semi-automatic defibrillation
  • training module semi-automatice defibrillation




  • designing a training concept for the basic training of cabin crews
  • designing a training concept for the continued education of trainees
  • designing a training concept for required further-reaching measures (early defibrillation, ECG-conduction, data transfer and communication with the ground station)
  • Cockpit emergency.
    Preparation of a ground emergency call base as an emergency medical hotline

  • Proposal for an equipment concept with graded alternatives




Medifan Performance for Aviation

  • up-to-date: our training varies according to the latest international standards
  • flexible: we train where you want and develop new training modules to meet your needs
  • our training is easily integrated into already existing programmes











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