Hearing or seeing information does not necessarily result in its practical use. Knowing doesn`t automatically mean being able to apply it. Gaining skills doesn`t mean you can apply it routinely in stressful situations.

For this reason, for us training means:

  • simulating reality as closely as possible
  • motivating through active learning
  • learning from your mistakes
  • making learning exciting using real situations
  • training skills

Participants are put into small groups with maximum 8 people. Skilled trainers take each participant from their own individual knowledge and skill level. Breaking down inhibitions and establishing trust are the most important goals in the first few hours.

We use the most up-to-date training equipment.


Medifan has been able to attain a high standard of training above all through its trainers. Their level of qualifications is ensured by means of quality management which conforms to ISO 9000.

The individual elements of this quality management are:

  • strict entry requirements
  • defined training career
  • TRM qualified
  • defined further training programme
  • reference books for content and form
  • monitoring trainers
  • team meetings and discusions

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